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Denise Tsakalaki

AVP, Global PMO

Denise has more than 25 years experience in high-profile roles that require specialization in mission critical solutions and projects. A proven senior executive with extensive knowledge of the nuances and needs of the insurance industry, she thrives on well managed projects and the strategic planning they require.

  • 25+ years mission critical project execution experience
  • Delivered over 17 large scale modernization and system integration projects
  • Proven track record on turning around distressed projects
  • Known for successful, on time, on budget projects with optimal solutions & architecture

As our AVP, Global PMO, Denise works closely with our internal project staff, and acts as liaison between them and our strategic partners at Oracle. Using transparency, industry standards, communication, an objective lens, and a good dose of common sense she assures teams and projects stay on track and on budget. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in actuarial mathematics from Concordia University.