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Improve customer intelligence at max efficiency with the customer relationship management solution designed specifically for the needs of financial advisors

The #1 choice of independent advisors & leading financial firms

Specifically designed to elevate advisor intelligence, without increasing workload

Connect 1 V1 Auto Integrate Your Book of Business Into the CRM 1

Auto-integrate your book of business into your CRM

Seamlessly pull client data from our vast gateway network of back-offices feeds. No manual data entry.

Connect 3 1 V1 Auto Integrate Your Book of Business Into the CRM

Access every insurance & investment form

Do it directly from within the CRM platform and make logging into endless insurance or wealth management websites a thing of the past.

Connect 4 Optimize Your Productivity With Features Designed to Maximize Sales On the Go

Optimize your productivity with sales on the go

Enhance performance with automatic renewal & upsell opportunity alerts. Continuously monitor results through easy to produce activity and executive reports. Download the Equisoft/connect mobile app, and connect to CRM productivity wherever and whenever you need access to it.

Easily integrates with other advisor tools

Equisoft easily integrates with other highly valuable solutions

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Customizable homepage to show what you want to see.

Import data instantly and securely from numerous gateways.

Set access rights for every user on your team.

Import emails from your existing provider into the CRM.

Calendar management that syncs to your existing calendar.

Securely send emails directly within the CRM.

Create activities for one or multiple contacts.

Create individual emails or emails for all contacts.

Upload and store unlimited documents and forms.

Robust search capabilities to find what you need fast.

Add investment products, companies, mutual funds, and GICs.

Investment search and export.

Manage insurance products, coverages, contracts & beneficiaries.

Full pipeline and opportunity management.

Categorize your contacts into groups and action on groupings.


Create custom financial & insurance plans for each client.

Generate and print shareable documents.

Import or complete client investment portfolio.

Import or complete client investment portfolio.

Import or complete client insurance portfolio.

Easily show clients cash flow.

Automated retirement analysis with graphs & tables.

Create alternative scenarios based on new goals or life events.

Manage contributions and withdrawals visually.

Fast life insurance needs analysis.

Simplified financial insurance needs analysis.

Dozens of calculators for you & your clients.

Insurance, retirement, & financial planning in one system.

Illness & disability analysis.

Unlimited reports.


Full net worth management.

Household management tools.

Asset management illustrations.

Full asset allocation analysis.

Build plans and example retirement scenarios.

Add client income & expenses for cash flow.

Full asset and liability calculations.

Variety of tools you need to grow client's wealth.

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