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Jean Sabbagh

Equisoft and VieFUND Join Forces to Transform Wealth Planning and Back-Office Operations

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Jean Sabbagh

Chief Revenue Officer

A graduate of George Washington University, with an MBA in international business, Jean has close to 20 years in product marketing and revenue growth. He has a proven track record in building sales and marketing automation engines that accelerate revenue, build brands and optimize go-to-market plans. Jean’s toolkit is deep and diverse. He has led multi-functional sales, product and marketing teams, designed international growth and expansion strategies, and successfully executed on unique growth plans.

  • 15+ years experience in financial services
  • Digital transformation and automation expertise
  • B2B lead generation and growth marketing

Certified in Lean, Jean keeps the customer at the centre of the business. He delivers consistent and measurable value by working with our people, processes and systems in order to connect us to the audiences that drive our growth. He has been the engine behind our marketing automation and accelerated growth.