The ultimate edge for competitive, compliant financial planning

Our holistic, compliant financial planning software helps you make in-depth interpretations of your customer’s current situation, and credible plans for their future.

Build a comprehensive financial portrait of your client with integrated guidance


Right time, right place client info capture

An intuitive user experience guides collection of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in one place.


Precise financial needs analysis

Retirement and insurance needs projections help you cover every possible variable.


Automated recommendations from within the system

Accept, reject or modify platform generated recommendations to save time and effort.

If there's anything we can't do, there's an integration that can

An all-in-one platform that helps you stay compliant


Fast, automatic, sharing of financial plans

Share plans with a compliance officer or sales manager for review and approval.


Detailed plan audit trails

Clear change records will ensure every change made to a plan is well documented.


Anytime access to PDF report archives

Easily retrieve archived reports or automate archiving of Equisoft/plan into Equisoft/connect.


Integrate with Equisoft/connect for more efficiency

Equisoft/plan seamlessly integrates with our advisor CRM software solution, Equisoft/connect.

With Equisoft/connect, customer profile data never has to be re-entered, saving you time and reducing the chance of data entry errors.

We partner with top companies to better serve top advisors

If you work with an MGA, BGA, or MFDA, we can pull your data directly