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Dayna Walker, FLMI

Senior Project Manager & Conversion Consultant

In more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Dayna has successfully implemented large scale life, annuity and health insurance policy & claim administration system upgrades, enhancements, and data migrations. Her career began in Insurance Company Data Center Operations, while attending Kansas State University where she majored in Information Systems.

  • 30+ years’ insurance applications analysis, development and implementation experience
  • 20+ years' experience in data migration tools and techniques, delivering more than 30 system integration projects
  • Multi-platform, application, insurance product expertise
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems

With a reputation for “knowing how plans work”, Dayna has led dozens of highly successful data migration and system modernization projects involving most of the well-known vendor-supported insurance administration systems, including the automated migration of product rules. She has strong analytical, organizational, and creative problem-solving skills coupled with a deep technical background, Dayna consistently delivers high-quality system modernization and data migration projects.